Love Lives On: Embracing the Legacy of Your Loved One through Journal Writing

By Irina Jordan

This post shares the highlights of the talk given by Tina Games, certified creativity and life purpose coach about embracing the legacy of your loved one through journal writing.

  • Identify your personal thread in your life. Keep your internal 'light' on when making life decisions.

  • Get clear on your own journey and what your purpose is. Which choices take you closest to your 'light'?

  • Guard your own inner light before worrying about others.

  • Healing journal helps you work through your grief process.

  • Pick a beautiful journal that you love looking at and holding and reminds you of your loved one.

  • Write a beautiful dedication on first page of your journal about legacy of your loved one.

  • Your grieving journey is very personal. Any way you need to grieve is fine. Journal about what you feel.

  • Write your questions about your loved one's passing in your healing journal, which is your confidant and safe place.

  • Don't sensor yourself when journaling.

  • Look for synchronicities when out and about and write them down in your healing journal to see patterns.

  • We're all on different journeys. Depending where you are, you process your grief differently.

  • Document in your journal all rich conversations you have with people about your loved ones. Record their memories.

  • Look for a common thread after you journal for a while. What is your vibration?.

  • Think of words to describe your gifts you received from your loved ones - their life purpose and legacy.

  • Gratitude healing journal is about embracing legacy and gifts and being grateful for the life well lived.

  • Breath in light of your loved one, allow light travel through your entire being, feel warmth from light, like a blanket.

  • When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”~ Wayne Dyer.

  • When feeling low, go to your gratitude journal and read. It will bring you back into light.

  • What we put out, that's what we'll get back - law of attraction.

  • Create a sacred space for journaling. Set intention and use guided imagery from time to time.

  • Love does live on every single day in people's legacy - ripple effect. Be mindful of that.