Moving Beyond Grief to a Place of Peace, Passion and Purpose

By Irina Jordan

This post shares the highlights of the talk given by Tabitha Jayne, author of "Thriving Loss".

  • Being busy hinders your ability to cope with grief.
  • Create new sense of who you are after loss.
  • Later stage of grief: re-discover yourself, have courage to do new things, start enjoying life again.
  • Take care of yourself: rest, drink and eat to be able to move forward.
  • You're still connected with your loved one through your flowing love.
  • Bring an image of your loved one in your mind, feel love and hold on to your memory and emotion.
  • Feel love and connection with your loved one. Connection and love never go away, it stays with you.
  • Don't get stuck in negativity. Reach equilibrium. Move past guilt over how you feel about your loss.
  • Your life becomes enriched by honoring your love done and moving forward. Achieve peace and passion again.
  • Come alive and burst into energy light from ashes after losing your loved.
  • Nature can help us heal. Being in nature reduces anger and stress and see cycle of life.