"Coloring Through Grief" Free Coloring eBook

We welcome you to download this free zentangle style coloring eBook "Coloring Through Grief" to help you with your grieving and healing process. Each coloring page contains a positive action-driven and emotion-filled affirmation. They are: 1. grieve; 2. heal; 3. relax; 4. hope; 5. love; 6. connect; 7. believe; 8. express; 9. remember. The last page of the coloring page is designed in such a way that you can write your own affirmation and then color it. We'd love to see your completed creations and share them on our Facebook page (with your permission of course). Please send your coloring pages to me at irina@artisurn.com. Now on to coloring - click here to download the coloring book PDF.