Determining Urn Capacity

How do artisans determine urn's capacity?

There are 14.44 cubic inches in 1 cup so 1 cup of space equals 14.44 pounds of live weight. Most artisans use rice to determine urn's capacity. For example for a 30 pound pet an artisan divides 30 by 14 to determine the number of cups: 30/14 = 2 cups with 2 cubic inches left over. One tablespoon equals about one cubic inch. An artisan takes a plastic bag and pours 2 cups and 2 tablespoons of rice into it. He squeezes out all the air and now he has something that will give him a good idea of the urn's needed volume. Usually an artisan leaves a little extra room for a good fit and for a lid if it glues into the top or bottom.