Selecting an Urn

How do I select a cremation urn for ashes?

You will need to decide what you want an urn to be used for: burying ashes in your local cemetery or in a natural burial ground; placing an urn at a columbarium; scattering them; dividing them up among members of the family; keeping all of them in one vessel at home or incorporating a small amount of ashes into a jewelry piece or keepsake.

When selecting a cremation urn most people try to find a style of an urn that reminds them of their loved ones and beloved pets. It can be a real gut feeling when you first see the right cremation urn and you just know this is the one.

How do I calculate the right size of an urn I need?

The general rule of thumb is for every pound of the person's total weight you will need one cubic inch of space. So if a person weighed 150 lbs. you will need an urn that is 150 cubic inches or larger.