What are TSA rules for traveling with ashes in a cremation urn?

By Irina Jordan

As of March 2014, the Transportation Security Administration and Airline (TSA) procedure for traveling with cremation urns is:

1. Before you make your reservation, check to see what the airline(s) rules and regulations are for traveling with your loved ones cremains in a cremation urn. Some airlines want you to check the urn while other will except it as a carry on.

2. Inform the airline at your check in that you have a cremation urn with cremated remains so that they can explain any necessary boarding policies.

3. At the TSA Security Station explain what you have and they will treat you and your loved ones cremated remains with the utmost respect. But be aware that they have a job to do.

They will not ever open the Cremation Urn. They will X-ray the urn in order for you and your urn to be cleared.

4.  After TSA clearance you will be able to board without any problems.

5. If you plan to travel internationally, you will also go through customs. Check with customs before you travel but their polices are not much different than TSA’s.

Important: bring paperwork from the crematorium or funeral home with you when traveling with a cremation urn.

Additional note: all containers are TSA approved unless they are made of lead. It is recommended to travel with wood, biodegradable, scattering and ceramic urns as heavier and thicker urns made of brass or marble may not X-Ray well and will be denied clearance.