How can I manage my grief?

By Irina Jordan

Below are the highlights of the talk given by Dr. Margaret Paul of Inner Bonding on Healthy Grief and UnHealthy Grief: Grief from the Wounded Self and Loving Adult.

Step 1: Be willing to manage grief feelings in compassionate ways. Learn to open to the higher source of love and power and allow feelings move through you with compassion.

Step 2: Start with an intention to love yourself and lovingly manage painful feelings.

Step 2: Open your heart at will and have an intention to learn to love yourself.

Step 3: Embrace pain feelings with compassion and allow feelings flow through your grief. In step 3 we take responsibility for our feelings, for why we abandoning ourselves.

Put your hands on your heart, breath into your heart, feel love for your heart to let grief flow. By relying on others to make us feel loved and safe, we are abandoning ourselves.

Teach your children to love themselves and manage their feelings with compassion. You create a wounded feeling of anxiety and depression by abandoning yourself.

Step 4: exploration of wounded part of us, our ego. Ask: Why and what am I trying to avoid or control?

Step 5: Take loving care of yourself by eating right, taking walks, sleeping well.

Step 6: Evaluate how you are feeling about loving action. If you are feeling lighter and finding some relief relief - better care, not - have to go back.

Inner guidance always says 'be where you are, it's the right place for you to be at'.

The more you practice learning, following and listening to our guidance; the more you connect and feel the essence of your loved ones.

A soul can transcend the body; soul is not the body. Stay open-hearted to stay connected with loved ones.

Don't berate yourself (if only I'd have done this or that); it is not helpful.

Be mindful of the choice of your intention - learn to love. Essence of our free will is that we are not helpless with our choices.

You can play with pets, meditate, get help, walk, read to access your higher guidance.

Be creative to raise your frequency. Learn to love yourself. Set your intention and mean it.