How can I use my spirit and spiritual connection to transform my life after loss?

By Irina Jordan

Below are highlights from the talk by Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC who is Founder and President of the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy (GAHP).

  • False self develops as a protective part of you to navigate through life.
  • Hard in grief experience if there is a disconnect between your authentic spirit and your conditional self.
  • Preserve your child's uniqueness and authenticity. Value them for existence, not just accomplishments.
  • Consciously mirror loving part of you by reflecting on authentic self. Appreciate your sensibilities.
  • Conditional self can add more (unnecessary) pain when grieving. Authentic self helps with grieving.
  • Conditional self mirrors cultural messages that it shouldn't take so long - makes it harder to grieve.
  • Being authentic self allows your heart to open and connect spiritually to your loved one.
  • Everyone has a spiritual connection. It is different for each person. Connect with your spiritual presence.
  • Taking care of your body, meditating and praying raise your vibrations.
  • Imagination, visualization and visual imagery connect you to spiritual realm.
  • Listen to subtle messages and trust yourself to be guided.
  • Create comfortable space to work with your emotions daily.
  • Be your own loving presence to sooth and comfort yourself. Feel more empowered by doing so.
  • Tune in to "What would be comforting to me right now" and be direct about it with other people.
  • Cultivate new connections and friendships if old ones go away when you're going through layers of grief.
  • Extend compassion to yourself, be loving to yourself, nurture yourself to sustain yourself when grieving.
  • Breath deeply and imagine your favorite love color. Love is loving, comforting and surrounding you.
  • Allow your body to relax and let go through deep breathing and loving yourself - pure love.