How do I find myself after loss?

By Irina Jordan

Below are the highlights of the talk given by Kerry Geocaris of Simply Kerry:

  • Use your dreams to connect with your loved ones. Keep a dream journal. Do it every night.
  • Good grief books: Second Sight and Heaven is for Real (kid's version).
  • Write messages on balloons and release them. Make ornaments for your loved ones. Art is healing.
  • Wake up with a morning reflection.
  • Write letters to your loved ones who passed on.
  • Intention is like a rule that you set for a day - you can't change it.
  • Intention phone app can be set to alert you throughout a day to keep you on track.
  • Use your grief experience to go on a self discovery journey to find your life purpose. Don't wait – just do it.
  • Rewire your brain to think positively: “I have all the time to heal. I'm loved and safe.” Fuel yourself with positive affirmations.
  • Have sticky notes with affirmative messages throughout your house
  • Looking in a mirror is powerful - look into your eyes and say affirmative messages: “I'm strong.”
  • Write down your negative thoughts, rip them up and write positive ones.
  • Kick out your negative thoughts and invite positive ones.
  • Put yourself in a happy bubble. Don't let anyone to burst your bubble, which is your positive energy.
  • Visualize a positive force field and protective shield at all times. Nobody can take away your positive energy.
  • People have their feelings and you have yours. It's ok to stay in your state of happiness and joy.
  • When having a grief outburst, let it flow. Don't suppress, process it.
  • Don't have a false belief that your family doesn't support you. Talk about it, have conversations about it, open up.