Meeting New Year With Hope

With the New Year quickly approaching, people are planning out their resolutions. They want to exercise more, lose weight, eat healthy, get regular checkups and get organized. The New Year brings on a different range of emotions for those who are grieving. The thought of getting through all the yearly milestones and special events that you used to share with your loved one gets overwhelming and outright scary. Even if you are scared and long for the past, you can still open the door a crack to the New Year.

As the ball gets close to dropping in Times Square this year, here are 7 quick ideas that might work for you if you have lost your loved one or beloved pet so you can meet the New Year with optimism and hope.

  1. Be gentle with yourself and others.

  2. Make time for your yourself and your grief.

  3. Allow joy and be grateful for things in your life.

  4. Resolve not to feel guilty.

  5. Take care of your health.

  6. Learn to make meaning of your new life: one day at a time.

  7. Find courage to live into the future, into the New Year by living in the present, doing the best you can to care for yourself and others today.

Grieving is a very personal process. Figuring out what works for you will take some time. If one resolution doesn’t work, keep looking for what makes the process a little easier. As time goes on, the grief does not go away. It ebbs and flows - embrace the flow. You can learn how to live with the loss by learning how to understand and be at peace with our feelings. Your loved one will always remain in your heart surrounded by love.

We wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year!