What is a segmented urn?

By Irina Jordan

Segmented memorial urns are made from domestic and exotic hardwoods. Bright colors and contrasts of segmented urns are from natural colors of the woods. Some of segmented urns are color dyed and not stained to give a deep rich color that cannot be obtained through stains. Each vessel has multiple pieces of wood cut on very precise angles and then segmented together in rings. The rings are then stacked and glued together to form a shape. Each ring is engineered to a specific size to achieve the overall shape.

All the segments are glued together with the end grain so that the urn is stable and consistent in the expansion and contraction and will visually be the same. The urn is then turned on a lathe with special fixturing and sanded. At the end it is sealed with the UV protectant finish to protect woods. Segmented urns are either top or bottom loaded depending on the design type. Each urn is turned by hand and is a unique memorial piece.