Creating A Grieving Corner At Home

When you are grieving, having a comforting and quiet place in your home might be really helpful in processing your grief. Find a nook, corner, secluded spot in your house that makes you feel at peace and helps you relax. There you can create your grieving corner. You can add family pictures, candles, chimes, flowers, scents, comfortable pillows and any other meaningful and relaxing things that can help guide you on your grief journey.

After you create your grieving corner, dedicate 10 to 15 minutes each day to retreat to it and do whatever you find emotionally and physically helpful and soothing. In your grieving corner you can can start your healing by:

  • Doing a deep meditation practice.

  • Looking at pictures or keepsakes.

  • Singing or chanting.

  • Talking to your loved one.

  • Writing in a journal.

  • Openly and loudly expressing your emotions.

  • Praying.

  • Listening to music.

  • Combination of two or more things.

Talking to your loved one is a really soulful way to go to the source of your grieving and share worries and joys of your present life with your loved one being there in spirit and in your heart.

By knowing that each day you have your grieving time really gives you a sense of purpose, especially when your grief is new and raw. Give yourself a permission to be in touch with your inner self and follow your grief clues during your time in the grieving corner.