Memorial Chronicles

March 17, 2015

5 Steps to Memorable Memorial Service

Here 5 steps that will help you plan a meaningful and memorable memorial service.

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March 10, 2015

Make Your Final Wishes Known: Cremation Pre-Planning

By pre-planning a cremation with your loved ones, you are making sure that your wishes are going to be fully and appropriately carried out.

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March 03, 2015

Ask A Mortician: Talking To Your Parents About Death

This video is a must see before you talk to your parents about their final wishes.

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February 24, 2015

Find the Right Cremation Urn: Types and Sizes

We want to share this brief help guide with you that explains kinds and sizes of cremation urns to hold ashes to make your selection process easier.

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February 10, 2015

Ask A Mortician: Are Those Really My Mother's Ashes

If you have ever wondered how cremated ashes get identified, this episode of Ask A Mortician is for you.

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February 03, 2015

Novelty Urns: Behind the Scenes

The creative process for the artisans behind these unique urns comes from a place of authenticity and relating to everyday people. They look for the simple things that bring joy. The urns are subjects that represent people's passions and interests, reflecting their individuality and honor a life well-lived.

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January 27, 2015

Creating A Grieving Corner At Home

When you are grieving, having a comforting and quiet place in your home might be really helpful in processing your grief. Find a nook, corner, secluded spot in your house that makes you feel at peace and helps you relax. There you can create your grieving corner. You can add family pictures, candles, chimes, flowers, scents, comfortable pillows and any other meaningful and relaxing things that can help guide you on your grief journey.

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