About John Greco


John Greco is dedicated to handcrafting copper cremation urns using traditional metalsmithing techniques. All of his urns are designed and fabricated in his New Orleans studio on an individual and personal basis. He takes pride in the work he does and the satisfaction of the people who choose his work. His urns have been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the country including the American Visionary Art Museum.

John is interested in creating unique cremation urns that will not only house remains but will also be a work of art that will adorn your home and commemorate your loved one. Each urn is designed to be functional without sacrificing aesthetics. His urns are hand riveted and soldered for a durable construction that will last a lifetime and beyond. Every urn is handcrafted from scratch, including the silver hinges and other hardware on his box style urns. Each urn is stamped with his maker's mark to ensure authenticity.