Handling Hair for Memorial Hair Jewelry

How do I send hair to you?

Upon selecting and purchasing a piece of the memorial hair jewelry, send hair directly to us in a tightly sealed small plastic bag with your name and contact information clearly labeled on the outside. If more than one person's or pet's hair is being used, please place it in separate bags with your contact information labeled on each. Please place the sealed and labeled hair in a padded envelope and mail it to us via USPS registered mail. We will provide you with the mailing address when we receive your order.

Please take care that the hair is as clean as possible (free from debris). If you want to have a knot design in your piece of the memorial hair jewelry, please provide hair that is about 6 inches long and .5 inch thick. We will treat it with the utmost respect. Any unused portion of hair will be returned to you with the completed piece of the memorial hair jewelry.

Once the hair is received, please allow up to six weeks for the piece of the memorial hair jewelry to be completed and shipped back to you. Like any piece of art, the creative process cannot be rushed and due to the nature and sensitivity of this piece, we want to ensure our artisans instill your loved one’s or beloved pet's energy when creating your very special piece of the memorial hair jewelry.

Please contact us at info@artisurn.com with any questions or concerns you might have. We want to ensure you get the piece of the memorial hair jewelry you want and your loved one deserves.

Caring for your memorial hair jewelry: don't use a liquid jewelry cleaner on your memorial hair jewelry. It will strip any oxidized details from the silver. You will receive a little white polishing pad that is embedded with the jewelry cleaner that you can use on your piece of the memorial hair jewelry. You can order extra pads by searching online for "pro-polish polishing pads".

Modern Memorial Hair Jewelry: Preserving Your Family DNA from Irina Jordan