Cremation Jewelry

What is cremation jewelry?

Families who are not necessarily interested in a traditional urn, have another option for cremains: cremation jewelry. Cremation jewelry gives families the opportunity to hold a special someone close. If you are thinking about alternatives to a traditional urn, but still want to keep your loved one nearby, cremation jewelry might be a good option for you.

Families who are considering cremation jewelry may wonder how this jewelry integrates the loved one’s ashes. In many types of cremation jewelry, a small cylinder or receptacle is incorporated into the design. This compartment holds some of the loved one’s ashes.

Compartment-style cremation urn jewelry only holds a limited quantity of remains, so families may choose to scatter the remainder of the ashes, or keep them in an urn. Some families use the ashes in multiple pieces of jewelry so that everyone in the family can have a keepsake and always have their loved one nearby.