Chicago Tribune Article about is based in the Western suburbs of Chicago. It is an online marketplace of handcrafted urns, jewelry and keepsakes that are made by US artisans including many from Illinois (Chicago, Joliet and Aurora artisans to name a few). This is the only site of this kind that can be found online.

It was launched late last year and has already been getting rave reviews from death care professionals, veterinarians and general public. Its FB page is nearing 500 Likes and it has an active social media presence on Twitter, Pinterest, Fancy and Google +. is breaking the traditional mold for memorial items by getting people to embrace the inevitable and come to term with it while selecting a unique memorial item that will reflect who they are. Artisurn's FB page doesn't shy away from some black humor to keep Fans coming back for more. It also features beyond unique items like an anatomical heart pendant.

~ To live in the hearts we leave behind is to live forever ~


ARTISURN donates part of sales proceeds to People's Resource Center.