About Terry Jackson

Terry Jackson is a Metis artist, Northwest Coast carver, facilitator of community events, honored elder, story teller and teacher with students of all ages and backgrounds. His works are exhibited in Whistler, Black Tusk Gallery and in numerous galleries in the lower mainland.

Terry became highly skilled at the nuances of the northern style of Northwest Coast Indian art. Along with his interest in The Northwestern art Terry also began to explore his plains heritage and more recently European scroll type design. Today with over 30 years of experience Terry skillfully weaves his teachings into a combination of what he has learned from these cultures to create extraordinarily beautiful pieces of art.

Terry has been truly inspired by the amazing Northwest Coast Indian Art works at the Royal Provincial Museum since these masterpieces were close to where he grew up. This profoundly influenced Terry not only in his work as an artist but in his desire understand the culture and the thought behind these pieces. This interest and respect for the master pieces would create a direction for Terry and his work for much of his life.

With his thirty year carving background Terry has combined his love of the Northwest Coast Indian art where he grew up, his Plains Indian heritage from his mother’s family and his European heritage from his father. His art successfully integrates and blends these cultures to bring them to the people today.