About Kerry Remp

Being a professional musician and engineer, Kerry Remp is in constant pursuit of new ways to create art and make the world a better place. He believes this is everyone’s responsibility, no matter which walk of life they choose. As a lifelong artist in music and now paper, he has learned to discover inspiration from almost any source: nature; daily observations; others’ pursuits; or perhaps the simple combination of colors or a pattern that triggers ‘What if' thoughts.

Kerry has always had an interest in origami, but never took the time to explore it. In 2007, he had a business trip where he knew ahead of time that he would be secluded for a week, so he thought ‘Why Not?’ Kerry got a basic origami book from the library, a pack of origami paper and began by making the traditional crane and boxes. At the time, this was boring – until he built his first modular ornament. When it dawned on him that he could actually build things with paper – not just tediously fold it – he was hooked.

The logical engineer and the creative musician kicked in together and realized this could be a fun hobby. Kerry has been building modular creations with paper ever since. Since 2009, his little hobby has grown from a few craft shows to include art shows and workshops as well as teaching and speaking engagements.