About Jennifer Gilbert

Jennifer Gilbert's art is personal, an absolute extension of who she is and what she believes. The idea for each piece is an outgrowth of her need to recreate from waste and reform what is essentially trash. It is the beginning of a conversation about the state of humanity. Jennifer hopes to engage the viewer in the ideas that she is exploring: consumption, reclamation, rebirth and death, infinity and eternity. Her pieces are made from discards, leftovers and the scrap of other projects. She wants to challenge herself to redefine perceived truths and she wants to challenge her audience to really examine existing tropes.

The monochromatic quality of her work is designed to engage the viewer on a level beyond the visual color barrier. The first thing we see when we look at any object is the color, so it is her hope that by removing this initial feature, the underlying levels will be exposed. Scale and form, line and mass become the overriding qualities. Jennifer believes it is enough to pose the question, to shine a light into the dark and to articulate the problem without providing a solution. As she goes forward she will be creating more interactive work that allows the viewer to have a tactile and auditory experience as well as a visual one and if possible, share the sensual experience of creation. Jennifer hopes to engage the minds of her viewers in expansive ways and she hopes to make her audience become an element of her art.