When a loved one has passed on, it is often up to the surviving family members to take care of the last details including their final resting place. Cremation urns serve as a vessel to contain the ashes and also as a memorial paying tribute to their life.

Our artisans are sensitive to the deep emotional component required in creating sacred objects. The goal of each urn is to promote healing and recovery from loss while honoring a loved one in a beautiful vessel.

Since 2013 ARTISURN's handmade cremation urns have been offering a final gift of healing - a chance to give your loved one or beloved pet the beauty from ashes. Are you looking for a way to soothe your grief, honor your loved ones or beloved pets, celebrate the life you shared, pass on your precious heirloom, share your everlasting connection and create your enduring tribute? ARTISURN's selection of one-of-a-kind urns is the answer.

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Any time you need help with your selection process, have questions about urns or need to talk to someone about your loved one or beloved pet, please contact me directly by calling 1 844 FIND URN (844 346 3876) or sending me an e-mail at irina@artisurn.com

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Memorial Chronicles

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