Ashes Infused Artwork I

This unique origami style multi-layered artwork has ashes that are fused with paper. The artist moistens an existing sheet, adds a small amount of ashes (about 3 teaspoons worth), and then reheats and dries the sheet. The sheet infused with ashes becomes a background sheet of the portrait - the lowest sheet 'in the stack' when sheets of paper are put together.  That way, you can see the ashes 'around' the actual portrait.

Layered portraits are an artistic creation of a person or a pet using sheets of paper that are hand-cut with an X-acto knife and stacked together to represent the person or pet. Layered portraits are created in 3 phases: preparation, cutting and assembly. For more details about the process, please go to Layered Portraits Process.

When you place an order, we will send you a follow up e-mail asking to send us 3 images of the person or pet whose portrait you want the artist to create. Along with the images, you will need to send about 3 teaspoons of ashes. Please visit Handling Ashes for Artwork for instructions for handling and shipping ashes to us.

The portrait you order will come in a 8x10 black polystyrene frame with a plexiglass pane. The turnaround time is about 2 weeks.

Standard shipping within the contiguous United States (4-7 business days) and handling are included in the price. For shipping to other locations or for faster delivery, please contact us at

California and Illinois residents will be charged a sales tax.

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