Anatomically Stylized Jewelry Urn Heart Pendant

This anatomically stylized jewelry urn heart pendant is a one-of-a-kind hand sculptured piece. Its front features golden colored scrolls that surround a glass vial for holding ashes. The heart pendant is made out of polymer clay that is oven baked. Black acrylic paint is applied for the aged look. The pendant is satin glazed. It comes on a black satin ribbon.

The pendant measures 2 inches in length and 1 inch at its widest point. Its sizing will vary slightly due to it being handcrafted without any mold.

The glass vial comes with a cork. It is recommended to seal the cork after a tiny amount of ashes is poured in. The cork is sealed by applying a pinhead-sized drop of crazy glue to the lower half of the cork, securing it in place and leaving the heart pendant upright for the glue to set in overnight. The pendant is not water-proof.

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