About Robert Levin


Robert Levin was originally attracted to hot glass because of its liquid qualities and sense of immediacy. He has always tried to capture an element of the elegance, fluidity and whimsy, which he feels are inherent properties of glass.

His cremation urns are hand-blown glass, using colored glasses that he formulates and melts in his studio. Each piece is totally free-formed and unique. The urns are shaped through the heat and spontaneity of the glass-working process.

The swirls are placed on the outside of the urns during the hot-working process to add a sense of gesture, uplift and elegance to the urns. Once cooled, the urns are frosted by sand-blasting and acid-etching, which creates a sense of softness and translucence allowing one to see a muted image of the contents of the urn. The range of colors gives families more options to make a personal statement.

Robert is always honored when a family chooses one of his urns for their loved one or beloved pet.