About Rob and Jamaica Moers

The intrinsically imaginative collaboration of Rob and Jamaica Moers has evolved into a unique union of artistic visions and aesthetic styles. Growing up in creative, musical and quirky families, it was destined that they would find their niche in the artistic realm. Together since 1996, the duo naturally found a harmonious blend of their complimentary talents; with their creative abilities ranging from realistic portraiture busts to surrealistic fine art sculpture, from photography interests to commercial graphic design.

Rob’s formal training and exploration of multimedia art led him to discover that his true passions lie in the hands-on process of figurative clay sculpture. With an awareness of abundant beauty found in organic forms, the artistic process is inspired by nature. As a result, their distinctive works are a collaboration of ideas that usually originate with Rob's conceptualization and production and end with Jamaica's aesthetic touches and finishing details.

Rob and Jamaica want to help change the notion of the typical urn form by creating works that are out-of-the-ordinary and down-to-earth; sculptural urns that are honest in subject but ambiguous in function. They strive to ensure each handmade memorial is beautifully crafted with the utmost care and reverence. It is their vision to create endearing pieces that match the personality or interests of the individual, while also serving as an artistic element among home decor. They consider it a great honor to be of service to families in such a meaningful way and hope their artworks are fitting tribute to a life well lived.