Soda Fired Urns

Porcelain and stoneware soda fired urns are made in a process where soda ash is introduced into the firing chamber at the time when clay and glazes have reached their maturity. The firing temperature of this work is approximately 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. 

In this technique of working, the vapor of the soda ash in the kiln reacts with the materials in the clay and glazes with astonishing results. Beautiful textures and colors of great depth are achieved through this process. The surfaces are reminiscent of polished stones and natural elements.

No two soda fired urns are alike.  During this type of firing the pieces are held above the kiln shelves with seashells or clay wadding to keep the cremation urn from sticking to the shelf. The result of this is a mark where a wad or seashell was used.  This makes it a part of the urn itself and is a reminder of the crucible that each urn went through.

Handmade Soda Fired Individual Size Cremation Urn for Ashes
Stone Cloud Soda Fired Individual Size Urn $ 649.00
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Soda Fire Individual Size Cremation Urn for Ashes
Warm Sand and Water Soda Fired Individual Size Urn $ 729.00
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