Heart Tears Stoneware Individual Size Urn

This elegant heart tears stoneware urn is initially fired to the bisque stage, then decorated in the underglaze and fired again. Finally it is fired to 2200 degrees with the clear glaze.

The urn measures 14 inches tall overall and 2.5 inches wide. The top measures 4.5 inches across and the base is 8 inches wide. The opening is 1.5 inches wide.  This urn has the capacity of up to 130 cubic inches.

The glaze at the top of the vessel spills over to the face of the vessel like tears. In the heart of the vessel hangs a Swarovski crystal. The crystal is suspended from a sliver chain and moves with a touch.

This urn can also be used as a “worry jar”. The idea of a “worry jar” is to write your sad feelings or worries on a little slip of paper. Roll the paper into a tiny ball and drop into the vessel. Once the vessel is full of “worries”, shake them out into your garden or fire pit and burn them away. The crystal is a reminder that you can shine through anything.

The urn comes with a funnel to help transfer the ashes into it.

Standard shipping within the contiguous United States (4-7 business days) and handling are included in the price. For shipping to other locations or for faster delivery, please contact us at info@artisurn.com.

Illinois residents will be charged a sales tax.

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